Britain’s 30 Days Of Storms: UK Set For Half A Month’s Rain In Just Two Hours
The UK is facing a month of storm misery with fierce winds and heavy rain set to batter the country well into December.
A series of deep low pressure systems lined up in the Atlantic are poised to barrel in over the next few weeks putting parts of the UK on winter flood alert.
Forecasters warned…

The UK is facing a month of storm misery with fierce winds and heavy rain set to batter the country well into December.

A series of deep low pressure systems lined up in the Atlantic are poised to barrel in over the next few weeks putting parts of the UK on winter flood alert.

Forecasters warned relentless wind and rain threatens to blight the run up to Christmas with the north and west to take the brunt of the onslaught.

A similar picture last autumn saw Britain ravaged by floods in the approach to the festive season following weeks of torrential downpours.

Warnings of a possible repeat this year come as torrential downpours threaten to dump more than two inches of rain – half a month’s worth – in just a few hours from today.

Coastal regions have been put on alert for floods while ferocious winds coupled with high tides threaten to whip up monster waves.

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for torrential downpours and violent gales in the southwest today and tomorrow.

Forecaster Dan Williams said: “We are looking at 60mm [2.4 ins] of rain in 36 hours up until Wednesday in the south, there are also going to be gales.

“This could lead to surface water and river flooding, on the eastern side of the country it will be drier and brighter.

“On Thursday another band of rain pushes in from the west bringing more heavy rain across the country and there are more showers into the weekend.

“It is safe to say there is a fair bit of rain around over the next few days.”

The Environment Agency has issued 14 flood alerts across the UK and warned strong winds with high tides could cause large waves to tumble over sea defences.

A spokesman said: “Heavy and persistent rain today over south Wales and south-west England may result in localised flooding of low lying land, individual properties and roads, possibly leading to some travel disruption.

“Strong winds will also accompany the heavy rain and may cause fallen leaves to impede drainage and, coupled with waves and reasonably high tides, may also lead to spray and wave overtopping along parts of the Dorset coastline.”

The Met Office’s six to 30 day forecast warns of heavier than normal rainfall for the next month thanks to a series of stubborn low pressure systems lined up in the Atlantic.

It states: “There are indications of a gradual trend for heavier and more persistent spells of rain to affect eastern Britain.

“Current indications show that low pressure is likely to be located to the west of the UK, and as such the most likely scenario is for unsettled weather to continue in most places as we head into December.

“Rainfall amounts may well be a little above average, more especially in west or northwestern parts of the UK.”

Jim Dale, forecaster for British Weather Services, said: “It is not going to be very nice for some on Tuesday and there is the risk of localised flooding.

“Then it is a case of watching developments from day to day in terms of these low pressure areas.

“Over the next few weeks it is a case of keep brollies and waterproofs handy because it is looking wet.”

Forecasters have warned temperatures could plummet as winter draws in, with some predicting this year to be the coldest on record.

If temperatures drop, the UK could be facing heavy snow and blizzards.

Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “There is a quite a distinct trough line following the frontal rain which could bring some hefty downpours to Cornwall to start Tuesday.

“Much of Britain will be grey, blustery and damp although East Anglia and Kent may still be ahead of the rain and see a brighter start to Tuesday.

“Amounts of rain could cause some concerns by the end of the week, particularly for western Britain, southwest England, southwest Wales and Scotland are in for the highest rainfall totals with already soggy ground.”

WeatherOnline forecaster John Ejdowski said: “Low pressure areas coming in off the Atlantic will keep it very unsettled across the country this week with most areas seeing plenty of rain and showers.

“This will often be accompanied by gusty winds.

“Temperatures will show small variations from day to day but feeling cold in the wind and rain.”

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