Monster Storm That Stretches From The Coast Of Spain To Canada Threatens To Wreak Havoc On Both Sides Of The Atlantic – particularly In Britain
Britain is set for a soaking over the next five days caused by a massive weather system which stretches across the entire width of the Atlantic.
After a huge band of rain sweeps across the country today, intense showers and storms will move in tomorrow followed by heavy downpours over the…

Britain is set for a soaking over the next five days caused by a massive weather system which stretches across the entire width of the Atlantic.

After a huge band of rain sweeps across the country today, intense showers and storms will move in tomorrow followed by heavy downpours over the weekend.

The wet – but unseasonably warm – weather is being caused by a massive low pressure which is sitting to the west of Britain, causing hurricanes in the US and unsettled conditions in the UK.

The Environment Agency currently has flood warnings in place in Essex and parts of East Anglia and is warning parts of the South East and Midlands to be on alert.

After heavy rain across the whole country today, showers will hit the South West and Wales tomorrow, with thunder storms predicted in some areas.

Met Office forecast maps predict showers will dump up to 16mm of rain an hour on parts of the South West late this evening, before another band of downpours of similar intensity moves into Wales and along the south coast tomorrow.

There will then be a brief let-up on Friday morning, before more rain sweeps in from the West overnight and into Saturday morning.

Around 65mm of rain is expected to fall on parts of Cornwall over the next five days – with more than 60mm predicted in Cumbria and South Wales.

But while heavy rain will hit most areas over the next few days, the storm will also send temperatures soaring to around 20C at the weekend – well above average for this time of year.

A forecaster for Meteogroup said: ‘Today, a band of rain stretching from Northern Ireland, through northern and eastern parts of England will continue to drift northwards overnight, reaching all but northern Scotland by dawn.

‘Tomorrow, lingering rain across northern parts of the UK will tend to die out through the day with the best of the sunshine reserved for north-west Scotland. The southern half of the UK will have a mild day with sunny intervals and scattered showers.

‘The showers are expected to be heaviest and most frequent in south Wales and south-west England during the afternoon when they may turn thundery.

‘On Friday, many areas will be dry and fairly warm with some sunshine, although a few showers are possible in the west. Turning increasingly wet and windy in the west during the evening. On Saturday, rain will give way to sunshine and heavy showers. Remaining very mild for mid-October.’

Leon Brown, a forecaster from the Weather Channel, says the conditions in the Atlantic make it difficult to know how long the wet weather will last.

He said: ‘A change in the weather pattern from today to a more ‘westerly’ flow from the Atlantic and a strong jet stream. This will bring more wet weather, but also some very mild temperatures for a time as southerly winds strengthen and draw warmth northwards from Iberia to western Europe, and the S.UK.

‘The detail remains difficult for this weekend with a cold front meandering and waving about over the UK.

‘The uncertainty for next week is the time and track of the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo, which is a risk for Bermuda as it speeds north on Friday. The extra tropical remnants will be caught in the jet stream on Monday and move rapidly eastwards towards NW Europe next Tuesday.

‘At the moment it could bring a wet and windy spell to the UK next Tuesday or dissipate and track further south.’

Commenting on the huge storm, he added: ‘The large depression to the west of the UK is beginning to pump up warmth, but also moisture towards the UK. So, we can turn off the heating, but not quite T-shirt weather so keep the brollies and waterproof coats to handy too.’

The huge storm is just one of three huge depressions filing the Atlantic Ocean at the moment, with Hurricane Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo currently barrelling towards Bermuda.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the system’s ‘central pressure dropped 46 mb in 24 hours (from 1002 mb to 956 mb) – a textbook meteorological bomb’.

The newspaper reported that the conditions are ‘likely to bring stormy conditions to the northern British Isles Friday into the weekend’.

The massive storm is just the latest weather system to move in from the US and play havoc with Britain’s climate.

In August this year, five flood warnings and 33 flood alerts were brought in when the remnants of Hurricane Bertha moved up from the Caribbean and swept across Britain.

That hurricane formed in the warm waters of the Caribbean first lashed the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands with winds of up to 90mph.

Bertha then travelled north, veering away from the US and Canadian coast before heading across the Atlantic and being downgraded to an ‘Atlantic storm’, which dropped 20mm of rain an hour on some parts of the UK.

But hurricanes emanating from the region are not always bad news for Britain. Hurricane Cristobal, which ravaged parts of the Caribbean, brought warm weather to the UK later in August this year by dragging an area of high pressure up from Europe.

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