(Part-I) Vatican Has Full Attention On Charged Particles

In my recent research, sparked by the statement of Pope Benedict XVI in confronting the current United Nations conference on climate change, I have stumbled upon the true focus – with a residue of urgent attention coming from the papacy.


I am amazed at the depth of interest coming from both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II, as it relates not only to the Sun-Earth connection, but to the inter-connectivity of the universe. Of course, it is understandable as one reflects upon the creation of the Heavens and the Earth; however, my research suggests the Vatican is interested in far more than the understanding of God.

Now It Gets Eerily Uncomfortable

The Vatican has recently summoned the greatest scientific minds in the world. Their interest is not just to understand the scientific understanding of creation, such as the “big bang”, but to be advised of recent discoveries of charged particles.


Oh yes, charged particles. Not just the general meaning of what they are, but how and “why” they are. Pope Benedict XVI is particularly interested in the CERN experiments. Not just to reflect upon a scientists understanding of the ‘big bang’, but to question the causal effect charged particles have on humans.


As I’m digging into Vatican documents hidden in plain-sight, a picture has developed. I conjecture the Vatican is comparing what they posses in ancient text, materials, scrolls, first hand originals items of which none of us are aware – to recent scientific discoveries from spacecrafts Fermi, Plank, Wise, Chandra, and Cassini. Why these? Each one of them has brought back new information from deep space (universe) which has turned scientific formulas (understandings) on its head. Scientific bodies literally have to re-write the books.

What have they found?

I can only share what I know; although I probably know more than most, I don’t know it all. What new data has revealed is a tangible correlation between charged particles (plasma) and a rhythmic orchestration between all living things – from the universe, to the stars, to the planets, to humans. Yes, it is what the Mayans call ether, the Christians call spirit, the Chinese call Chi, the Japanese call Ki, the Indians call Prana.


Yes, I know, many of you are saying to yourself: “I already knew that.” But did you? Did you think the top scientists of the world believed this? Did you think religions would embrace the science of charged particles? Did you believe the Pope himself would science and spirit are one?

Who Wrote the Following?

“In the last century, man certainly made more progress – than in the entire previous history of humanity. Scientists do not create the world; they learn about it and attempt to imitate it, following the laws and intelligibility that nature manifests to us. The scientist’s experience as a human being is therefore that of perceiving a constant, a law, a logos that he has not created but that he has instead observe. In fact, it leads us to admit the existence of a rhythmic causation which is not made by the hand of man, and which sustains the universe. This is the meeting point between the natural sciences and religion. As a result, science becomes a place of dialogue, a meeting between man and nature and, potentially, to the creator of all.”

I will give the answer in this weeks: (Part-II) Science & Spirit Have Joined

Coming Next in (Part-II) Science & Spirit Have Joined: Vatican summons lead scientists to discuss the status and future of the new frontier of physics — Cryptochromes, Hadron particles, and Human Transition.

About Earth Changes Media w/ Mitch Battros

Mitch Battros is a scientific journalist who is highly respected in both the scientific and spiritual communities due to his unique ability to bridge the gap between modern science and ancient text. Founded in 1995 – Earth Changes TV was born with Battros as its creator and chief editor for his syndicated television show. In 2003, he switched to a weekly radio show as Earth Changes Media. ECM quickly found its way in becoming a top source for news and discoveries in the scientific fields of astrophysics, space weather, earth science, and ancient text. Seeing the need to venture beyond the Sun-Earth connection, in 2016 Battros advanced his studies which incorporates our galaxy Milky Way - and its seemingly rhythmic cycles directly connected to our Solar System, Sun, and Earth driven by the source of charged particles such as galactic cosmic rays, gamma rays, and solar rays. Now, "Science Of Cycles" is the vehicle which brings the latest cutting-edge discoveries confirming his published Equation.
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