Join Me Tonight (July 11) on Coast to Coast AM – Earth Changes Update

Join Me Tonight on Coast to Coast AM – Earth Changes Update


I will be on for the first full hour tonight July 11th. I will be discussing the cause of current weather patterns. Radio Stations:

– Heat Waves and Droughts

– Floods

– Earthquake and Volcano Activity

– Shifting Jet Stream

– Shifting Pole Shift Activity


Underwater Antarctic Volcanoes Discovered In The Southern Ocean

Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have discovered previously unknown volcanoes in the ocean waters around the remote South Sandwich Islands.


Using ship-borne sea-floor mapping technology during research cruises onboard the RRS James Clark Ross, the scientists found 12 volcanoes beneath the sea surface – some up to 3km high. They found 5km diameter craters left by collapsing volcanoes and 7 active volcanoes visible above the sea as a chain of islands.



Earth Changes Media 4th of July Special


Earth Changes Media is presenting our 4th of July Special.

From July 4th to July 15th, you will receive 25% off our annual membership.

Regular Membership$41.50 Now just $31.25

This is a great opportunity to join the No. 1 rated news source for ‘Space Weather’ and ‘Earth Science’.

If you are already a member, take advantage of this special and extend your membership.

Earth Changing event are unfolding fast and growing. You owe it to yourself and your family to remain “aware and prepared” as new scientific findings match Mayan, Hopi, and Biblical predictions are quickly unfolding.

New Members :

Current Members:



Mitch Battros Research of the Sun – Earth Connection and 2012

Mitch Battros presents fascinating, and sometimes shocking, research from the world’s top scientists. After years of dialogue with these experts, Mitch has been accepted into the guarded halls of NASA, NOAA, ESA, Royal Observatory, the US Naval Observatory and other highly esteemed scientific bodies. In addition to the latest research on the Sun’s influence on our “weather”.

Mitch also presents ground-breaking evidence of how the Sun and other celestial orbs produce ‘charged particles’ and their impact on humanity.

Just as the Sun’s solar activity affects the Earth’s magnetic field which has a dramatic affect on Earth’s “weather” i.e. earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes; so does this wave of electrical currents affect the human body’s magnetic field. Mitch also reveals a little-known development from modern medicine known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS provides empirical evidence of how magnetic fields can influence human emotions.

Solar Cycle 24 has begun – and it has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its ‘record breaking’ predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded. The Sun will reach its ‘apex’ (maximum) in late 2011 into 2012.

“I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as “the transition” bringing us to a new state-of-being”. (Mitch Battros)




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Mitch Battros Producer – Earth Changes Media

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and ‘Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise’



About Earth Changes Media w/ Mitch Battros

Mitch Battros is a scientific journalist who is highly respected in both the scientific and spiritual communities due to his unique ability to bridge the gap between modern science and ancient text. Founded in 1995 – Earth Changes TV was born with Battros as its creator and chief editor for his syndicated television show. In 2003, he switched to a weekly radio show as Earth Changes Media. ECM quickly found its way in becoming a top source for news and discoveries in the scientific fields of astrophysics, space weather, earth science, and ancient text. Seeing the need to venture beyond the Sun-Earth connection, in 2016 Battros advanced his studies which incorporates our galaxy Milky Way - and its seemingly rhythmic cycles directly connected to our Solar System, Sun, and Earth driven by the source of charged particles such as galactic cosmic rays, gamma rays, and solar rays. Now, "Science Of Cycles" is the vehicle which brings the latest cutting-edge discoveries confirming his published Equation.
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